CapSumo & Privacy Legislation – GDPR & CCPA

CapSumo processes data that is Privacy-Secure.

On this page, we’ll cover:


CapSumo is committed to compliance with the GDPR and CCPA

CapSumo helps you collect form-fill data on your website. CapSumo enables marketers to boost business revenues by refurbishing leads that they already have. CapSumo makes the data more accessible. The process begins by digging through web-forms to find hidden leads and convert them into customers. With the help of advanced form analytics, users can capture data from visitors in real-time to boost conversions. The resulting data can be imported into existing sales and marketing tools.

Using CapSumo and complying with Privacy Legislation – GDPR & CCPA

We are considered a Data Processor in Privacy – GDPR & CCPA vernacular.

If you use CapSumo and want to comply with Privacy Legislation – GDPR & CCPA, we recommend you do the following:

  • Update your privacy policy to include form-fills.
  • Update your consent notice on your website to include form fills, just like you do for cookie data.
  • State your usage of CapSumo in any places you list your usage of tracking and cookies.

What has CapSumo done about the Privacy legislation – GDPR & CCPA?
Here are the main things we’ve done to ensure that we set up both ourselves and our customers to meet Privacy (GDPR & CCPA) obligations:

We have updated our Data Processing Agreement
Strong data protection commitments are a key part of the GDPR and CCPA’s requirements. Our updated data processing agreement shares our privacy commitments and sets out the terms for CapSumo and our customers to meet the GDPR & CCPA requirements. If you want to get a copy, please contact us at

We have updated our Privacy Policy.
We have updated our Privacy Policy for our employees and for all our customers to make ensure it meets the new standards. The updated Privacy Policy is effective date January 1, 2020.

We have implemented a privacy management software.
The software functionality includes data access, cookie, form-fill consent, data erasure, and data breach notifications.

We are continuously training our team
We have been and are continually training all our employees in data protection awareness.

We are building new features:
Our team is building new features for the CapSumo tool to assist our customers as Data Controllers to comply with the regulation.

We coordinated with our vendors
We are reviewing all of our vendors and evaluating their compliance status.

Here’s why it makes even more sense to use CapSumo now
B2B marketing has always been tough. Traditionally 2% of visitors to B2B websites leave their contact details. Privacy legislation – GDPR & CCPA has made it even more difficult for marketers to capture leads.

With CapSumo you can see who is visiting your web-forms by refurbishing leads you already have. The process begins by digging through web-forms to find hidden leads and convert them into customers.

You can learn about the companies visiting your website forms and get key contact information. CapSumo instantly makes your lead generation efforts much more efficient for very little extra effort or cost.