Micro Conversions: Why They Matter and Why You Should Track Them

Every marketing strategy has a primary goal.

Your primary goal may be…

  • To grow your email list
  • To generate new subscriptions
  • To increase sales by 30%

It is very rare that a prospect goes directly from discovering your business to becoming a customer.

To achieve your primary goals (the macro conversion), you need to focus on the micro-conversions that move your audience through your funnel.


A micro conversion is any incremental step a user can take to show initial interest in your brand or product. Micro conversions are the low-hanging fruits, more specifically, the actions that lead visitors to the end goal, that is, macro conversions.

Some common micro conversions are:

  • Downloading an eBook or white paper
  • Sending a proposal
  • Digital drip campaigns
  • Subscription to a blog
  • A newsletter sign-up
  • Adding products to a cart
  • Visiting specific pages, for example, product page, pricing page, the features page, etc.
  • A LinkedIn message
  • Viewing a certain number of pages of your site
  • Watching a video

Why Should You Monitor Your Conversions?

How many micro touches does it take to make a sale?

The answer is: way more than most people think!

It takes an average of 8 touches to get an initial meeting (or a micro conversion) with a new prospect. But the initial meeting is just the beginning. It takes a lot more micro touches to make the sale.

Few visitors would buy a product or service on your website during their initial visit.

On average, you need more than 33 micro touches & conversions to make a sale.

If you understand the steps people take to move through your sales funnel, you can optimize every step of the journey to ensure a higher conversion rate for your micro and macro / primary goals.


Every customer will go on a journey before they ultimately buy your product or service.

Along that journey there will be many micro touches & conversions, each providing your business with an opportunity to connect with potential customers and move them closer to your primary goal.

There are plenty of micro conversions you could measure. Think about your ideal customer journey and which micro conversions are most important along the way. These are where you should focus first.

The main tracking tools will include your CRM- Customer Relationship Mgmt., GA- Google Analytics, Engagement Tools, and your email tool providers.


A customer’s journey is far from linear and when you break the customer journey into various micro-goals, you can concentrate on improving each aspect individually and indirectly improving your bigger goals.

Micro touches & conversions should play a vital role in your sales and marketing efforts. These help you track the effort and efficiency of each marketing channel that you are utilizing.

If you need some help delivering and tracking your micro touches & conversions, reach out to us. We provide digital marketing services, as well as Lead Capture tools.  We’re always happy to answer questions.