The 7 Best Lead Generation Hacks for 2020

It can be hard to for your business to be heard above all the noise of today’s world. Business becomes more competitive with each day, but options to improve your lead generation are out there. Today we have a list of tools, concepts, and strategies that you can use to improve upon your lead generation strategies.

While this list is not exhaustive, it contains a blend of approaches that might work for your particular business. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us at MyFormData for more information about how these strategies can be tailor-fitted to your unique strategy!

  1. Investing in instant-gratification features such as Live Chat or Chabots can help you to meet leads when they’re still on your site and interested in learning more about your product. Demand for chat bots has grown significantly in the last few years, and soon it may be a necessity.
  2. MyFormData is the perfect tool for those that struggle with web-form abandonment on their website. Users can abandon forms for 1000’s of reasons, but with MyFormData’s lead capture platform, you can capture their web-form data even if they happen to abandon your web-form. This powerful CRO tool will allow you to recover leads that would otherwise be completely lost. Contact us at MyFormData today to help patch up holes in your lead generation funnel!
  3. In your email signature, put your call to action and a link to a landing page just below your name. This is a simple way to constantly remind anyone and everyone that you can help them. No matter where your email is forwarded, people will see your call-to-action. This is a free and simple way to put your name out into the wild. You never know where one of your emails might end up, and who might click it.
  4. Use pop-up messages on your website, but use them effectively. Pop-ups are a sensitive technology, and if used incorrectly, will drive customers away. Instead of a pop-up that requests information from a customer, install a pop-up offering a coupon or some sort of incentive to do business. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised to see a coupon code or a chance to register and win a free product or service.
  5. Ask customers to pay for eBooks via retweets or reposts. Instead of offering a white paper in exchange for an email address, ask a visitor to ‘pay’ by sharing a tweet or reposting a tailored message. Social proof is priceless and often hard to earn. When trying this strategy just be sure that you are offering something valuable in exchange for a mention on social media.
  6. Keep your signup forms above the fold. Don’t assume that visitors will scroll down to sign up. No matter how interested they may be, never underestimate the speed at which a prospect can lose interest. Keeping a signup form above the fold increases the chances that someone will fill out a web-form.
  7. Short videos with easily digestible content provide a stimulating interaction with your visitors. Providing commentary on pain points or explaining how your product works in a crisp manner can be ultra-effective, especially when shared on social media. It’s important to keep videos under two minutes, and load them up with valuable content.

Please contact us at MyFormData if you need help refining your lead generation strategy. We can assist with a range of problems, including web-form abandonment.

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