The 7 Most Optimal Positions for placement of an Opt-In Form

After you designed an opt-in form, one of your key decisions becomes where to actually place the form.

Here is a list of 7 places that are terrific for an opt-in form. Also, you can choose to have more than one opt-in form.  74% of companies use web-forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating their web-forms are their highest converting lead-gen tool.

1. Top, Left Side of Your Home Page

If one of your top priorities is to build your email list, wouldn’t it make sense for the web-form to be the first thing that people see on your home page? Most people read top-to-bottom and left-to-right. Since the top, left side of your home page the is the first thing that most visitors look at when visiting a site, placing an opt-in form there puts you in a position of gaining maximum exposure.

2. Above the Header

Since the header is one of the first things that most visitors see when visiting a site, placing an opt-in web-form right above the header puts in a position to be found.

There are a few ways to put an opt-in web-form above your header, but using an easy to use WordPress plugin is the best way to go. Sumo Smart Bar and Hello Bar and are two of the more popular tools.

3. Inside the Header

Another great place to put an opt-in form is within the actual header. This is a great location for the same reason as the above-the-header web-form…it will get a ton of impressions.

4. In the Middle of Your Post

You can place an opt-in form within the body of your post. This is a great location because you already have the reader’s attention. And while you have their attention, you can remind them that they can subscribe to your list.

5. End of a Single Post

The end of a single post is also a good position for an opt-in form. By placing the form here, you are not distracting the reader while they are reading your content, but intercepting them as they are finishing reading. It provides a natural flow into the opt-in form without breaking their concentration on the content.

You can use End Content plugin to add an opt-in form code to the end of your post with a simple copy-and-paste.

6. The Footer

By placing a form in the footer you can intercept those curious visitors that scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen. The great thing about the footer opt-in form is that it will be visible on every page.

7. A Pop-Up

Add a pop-up form on your site. The pop-up form can be configured with many triggers, such as time on a page or exit intent. Exit intent works on desktop and is less annoying to visitors. For mobile you will want to use a mobile banner so that you do not get penalized by Google. The conversion rates for sign-ups through pop-ups are very good. Ometrics has excellent pop-up forms and mobile banners with built in forms.

As you can see, there is a number of locations to place your opt-in web-forms. You can choose multiple places.

We shown you where to put your web-forms on your website. Now it’s time to see how we can make your web-forms to perform at their best.

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